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The Eldon House
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The Eldon House has the look and feel of a charming little old-world pub from the outside. The natural split log benches to the front and its large windows, letting you see the bar within, help add to this feel. Once inside however the pub opens up onto a sizeable extension to the left of the bar area, and a further more private dining area to the rear.

The pub and bar area have kept much of the traditional charm that it must have originally had. The owner is affiliated to the Bath Ales Brewery so they stock a decent selection of real ales and there are a lot of their other familiar pints on tap as well. The dining area has a much more modern and airy feel to it due, in part no doubt, to the significant portion of glass in the roof of the extension.

The food is served quickly and you can’t fault the portion size or the presentation. Crispy parsnip and carrot peelings adorned the top of my very well laden plate of food. There was a good selection of veg (green, red & orange plus one that was difficult to distinguish, but I think it was roasted onion) and a fine Yorkshire pudding.

Selling 4 different roasts is often a warning sign for me (5 if you include the veg & chickpea bake on offer) and so I was a tad disappointed, but not entirely surprised, when the advertised as “rare roast topside of beef” came and it was all brown without a trace of pink on the plate, save for the beetroot. We didn’t order particularly late in the day so basically it was just overcooked. This made the beef chewy and definitely not as yummy as it should have been.

Overall the meal pretty good. There was something that was a bit salty for my liking but it didn’t spoil the overall effect and one of my fellow reviewers commented that the spuds were perhaps over seasoned. But all in it was a good meal and for the price a very generous feed.

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I went on to have a pudding (sheer greed rather than a need for more food) and opted for the apple crumble with crème anglaise. My eyes were on stalks when a large bowl of pud was plopped in front of me and a separate jug of custard delivered for drizzling atop. However my initial delight was quickly tempered when we realised that the crumble had been cooked separately to the apple filling and retrospectively crushed and sprinkled on top. This meant that large boulders of crumble were still present alongside the smaller shingle and that it was pretty dry and flavourless. Something was also very sweet which I suspect was a combination of the crumble and the sultanas, which were mixed in with the apple.

Anyhow to summarise, I think that the food was good but not outstanding. I think that if they opted to serve 2 or 3 roasts rather than 5 and 1 or 2 puds rather than 4 that the quality would be far better and that they’d have enough room in the oven to cook the crumble with the filling. That said it was a perfectly satisfactory meal and the service and ambience was great.


6 Lower Clifton Hill, Bristol. BS8 1BT
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  1. Michelle Beet says
    22/02/2015, 3:33 pm

    Went for Sunday lunch today, and was very disappointed! The meal had a spicy flavour. We were a group of 3 and all had different meats, but all the meals had a spicy taste which was over-powering. The vegetables were quite nice, but the roast potatoes are the worst I’ve ever had?
    I would not recommend, and won’t be returning!

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