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Have Your Say

This site depends on your opinions!

The scores for each roast are made up of 2 elements; one is the Roast Review score and the the other, far more important rating, is made up from an aggregated list of all the users reviews for that particular pub.

User ratings are broken down into 6 categories: taste, presentation, value, portion size, service and ambience. You can score each of these on a scale of 1-10 and then if you wish to add any further thoughts you can do so in the comments box below.

You can search for a pub to review here    
or choose a pub by name from the list below.

Every user is able to rate each pub once. So you can’t give multiple 10/10’s (or 1/10’s) to the same pub over and over again to influence its position in the charts, but you can have an opinion about every pub listed on the site.

We haven’t added or reviewed many of the pubs in Bristol (one roast on Sunday is enough) so if there is a pub that we haven’t listed that you’d like to see reviewed, please recommend it to us using this form.

Click on one of the pubs below to be taken to their review page.