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The Royal Oak
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The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak is in a prime location in the heart of residential North Bristol. Situated at the junction where Ashley Down Road meets Gloucester Road this pub has a huge potential audience and with little real competition within the area. The only competitive roasts of note that spring to mind within easy walking distance would be The Wellington or The Lazy Dog.

The pub has set itself up as a family friendly environment and if you don’t like kids, then perhaps this is not the ideal location for your quite Sunday afternoon repast. If you do like the little terrors, or have one or two of your own, then you will be in great company and there will be lots of like minded people dashing about. High chairs are provided along with a decent children menu and apparently the baby changing facilities are very comfortable.

The pub itself is spacious. The main bar is split into 2 sides and the rooms are divided up with different levels and masses of tables chairs and sofas etc. The Garden is of equally generous proportions and has some decking with seating and a good patch of greenery. In the summer they boast an outdoor kitchen and a wood fired pizza oven in addition to their normal menu.

Food-wise the roasts are generous and well presented. Again I had food envy (the pork looked amazing) but I was not disappointed with the lamb. Lamb is not that common on the Sunday lunch menu, as it’s apparently relatively expensive in comparison to the other meats, so I had to give it a go. I was served with a massive slab of lamb, loads of spuds (5 I think), the ubiquitous Bristol spiced purple cabbage and a very handsome looking Yorkshire pudding.

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The meat was well cooked but not as tasty as it looked and as someone pointed out being served 2 types of cabbage was perhaps a little excessive, however it was a very enjoyable meal and despite my endless appetite (greed) I was full enough to resist the crumble at the end.

I think that the presentation of the food was great and the general portion size could not be faulted. What lost them a point was the slightly bland veg. Getting an extra bowl on the side makes you think they are generous but I want well cooked broccoli or spring greens, not some more steamed cabbage and a few sliced carrots. Veg is the cheap element of the meal and therefore there is no excuse for scrimping. I feel that a massive plate of mixed veg and some cauliflower cheese in a bowl would have tipped this over onto the next level.

All in though a really good roast and very good value.


385 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol. BS7 8TN
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